My take on Lightbox2

Lokesh Dhakar's Lightbox2 is really cool, I use it for and many others websites.

When I showed the Lightbox2 to some clients, they asked me if the overlay could be lighter so that you could still see the content of the page you were browsing. They also asked me if the buttons could always be visible and to go on top along with the data container.

This is only a small variation of an already brilliant piece of code. It has not been thoroughly tested, if you make the code better please send it to me by e-mail and I'll update it. If you want the data container at the bottom use the lightbox.js instead of lightbox2.js, you can group images together to make image galleries using the rel attribute. I now know there have been similar solutions to mine on Lokesh's forum, this is just an alternative that has the look my client was looking for.



You can download all the files going to my post at
If you want the original Lightbox2 go to Lokesh's site

Nicolas Borda